Morwing Hotel-Fairytale


  • 101 Seediq Bale

    101 Seediq Bale

    n Taiwanese aboriginal culture, partisan is the traditional ritual to show respect to warriors in the tribe.

  • 205 Sunset In Tamsui

    205 Sunset In Tamsui

    The Sunset in Tamsui is one of the eight beautiful views in Taiwan.

  • 207 Hou-tong

    207 Hou-tong

    The surrounding of Houtong Railway Staion is known as the Cat’s Village

  • 209 Milan Fashion

    209 Milan Fashion

    Milan is a city full of history and fashion and has been leading the trend for hundreds of years.

  • 210 Waves And Peace Dove

    210 Waves And Peace Dove


  • 305 Soccer

    305 Soccer

    In 2014, the 20th FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil.

  • 309 Treasure Map

    309 Treasure Map


  • 307 Pirates

    307 Pirates

    Accompanied by cute comic pirates, you can review the fancy of sailing on the sea in childhood.

  • 310 Dance

    310 Dance

    ​“Dance for life.”

  • 405 Literary Rome

    405 Literary Rome

    After being through lots of rising and falling of empires, ...

  • 407 Venice

    407 Venice

    The dominant color in Room 407 is blue, ...

  • 409 Retro Paris

    409 Retro Paris

    After being through several political chaos and Universal Exposition in 19th Century,...

  • 410 Greece

    410 Greece

    Blue sea, warm sunshine in Mykonos and Santorini always make people feel refreshed.